Our subscription plans
Basic free - Subscriptions for more peace of mind







3€/month ou 30€/year

Available in February



License on quotation

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Recording of what just happened


Recording duration

10 min20 min 20 min

Privacy Zone

Wi-Fi • Bluetooth • GPS location • Volume • Schedule



Possibility to add personal notes to the recording




Technological environment

Records the Wi-Fi hotspots, bluetooth device, relay antenna in your environment as well as your route


Retrieving proof for use outside the application

In-app purchase
9,90 €


Cloud backup space

Saving of recordings on the servers of QuiviveAPP 



The subscription is contracted through the subscription options of the platforms. It begins on the date of your purchase and is activated for the period chosen with automatic renewal. You can cancel this renewal at any time, without notice, directly from the settings of your subscriptions specifically to your platform. You will enjoy your space until the end of your subscription period.


Do you want to benefit your customers?

  • We offer operating license offers up to and including rebranding of the application.

You are a manager, business owner, public authority, administration?

  • Contribute to the safety and protection of your traveling employees or in contact with the public.